Why The lord's a Woman

 Why God’s a Woman Article

God is known as a Woman

General Purpose: To Persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that God can be described as woman. Thesis Statement: Since we are supposed to be made in " his” – meaning God's- reflection, My spouse and i am woman and therefore Our god too is definitely female. I actually. Introduction

A. In the holy book, Genesis part 1, sentirse 26 – 27, states, " Goodness said, let us make guy in our graphic, in our similarity, and let all of them rule within the fish from the sea, plus the birds with the air, over the livestock, everywhere over the Earth, and all creatures that move over the ground. ” B. The statements above are kept open intended for interpretation, implying that humankind was created in God's divine image. C. To me these types of lines assistance to illustrate that God is at fact women and since we are supposed to be in " his” reflection, My spouse and i am feminine and therefore Goodness too can be female. II. Body

A. Women will be mothers.

1 . These are the caretakers and nurturers of not just their families but in many ways the whole world. Not to mention, women are usually the main teachers of their kids holding the ongoing future of the world in their own hands. 2 . Horsea, chapter 14 verses 3 to 4 says it best, " Yet it absolutely was I who also taught Ephraim to walk, I who also took these people up in my biceps and triceps but they did not know that I actually healed these people. I lead them with cords of individual kindness, with bonds of affection. I was to them who lift babies to their cheeks. I curved down to supply them. ” 3. This passage through the scripture really helps to create an image much like this of a mother tending to and caring for her infant if the infant was coddled to settle warm, placed close to give food to, or to always be nurtured although sick. 4. Much of the passage from Hosea is reminiscent of the initial bonding moments of a humans' life. N. Life- depends upon is full of life. It also actually is one of the most complicated and fabulous things that could be seen. 1 . For Goodness to create this intricate universe, God would need to have a brain that may be capable of processing not just the overall picture but likewise all the...

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God Is known as a Woman

Kaitlynn Warren

doze October 2010

West Slopes Community School

Prof. Rodriquez


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