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 UploadedFiles L30 EDIBM Sample Assign Composition

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Pearson (Edexcel) BTEC Level six Executive Degree in Intercontinental Business Management Unit Number

Unit 2

Unit Brand

Operations Management

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I, _________________ (Name) hereby confirm that this assignment is definitely my own function and not duplicated or plagiarized. It has not previously recently been submitted as part of any assessment for this qualification. All the resources, from which information has been acquired for this job, have been referenced as per Harvard Referencing formatting. I further confirm that I have read and understood the Westford Institution of Administration rules and regulations about plagiarism and copying and agree to be bound by simply them.

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Learning Outcomes and Assessment Responses

Module Code & Subject


Functions Management

Component Learning Outcomes


Appreciate, apply and evaluate numerous tools and techniques in distinct Operations Management functions.


Apply information management methods and examine them in context of operational features to achieve competitive advantage and make the corporation globally competitive. LO3

Apply and vitally evaluate the importance of project management to given business situations (Using PERT as well as CPM). LO4

Demonstrate procedures strategy in domestic and global framework, and evaluate how the make use of technology features impacted the operational features.

Assessment types

Weightings (%)

Organizational Research (Project Format)


Overall Score


Overall Class


The next grading conditions will be applicable for the course, Professional Diploma in International Business Management:



seventy to 90

A -- Excellent

62 to 69

B -- Good

55 to fifty nine

C -- Pass

40 to 49

D - Fail with Resit

zero to 39

E -- Fail with Retake

The next information is very important when:

Finding your way through your examination.

Checking work before you submit that.

­­Interpreting feedback on your job after your receive the responses.

Assessment Criteria

The module learning outcomes tested by this analysis task are indicated in the earlier page. The actual criteria against which your work will be proclaimed is as uses: Description/evaluation of OM ideas including the using models, tools and techniques. Analysis/application/reflection of theoretical considering to a real life scenario Demonstration and writing style

Functionality Descriptors

Functionality descriptors suggest how represents will be found against all the above standards. The descriptors indicate the likely characteristics of work that is certainly marked within the percentage bands indicated. Assessment Criteria


Work of the outstanding, good & versus. good common (*)


Work of a good standard.


Work of a pass regular.

D (40-49%)


E (0-39%)




A crucial overview of OM concepts, types, tools and techniques. Relevant authors, opponent theories, and major arguments to a extremely good, perhaps excellent (even outstanding) normal. References further than those identified in treatment sources.

A synthesised summary of OM principles, models, equipment and methods. Good utilization of existing educational work and some evaluation of salient theories and issues. Some report on relevant...

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