The Elephant

 The Elefant Essay

The elephant

Make a point-form list of the folks, actions, or perhaps events which can be " absurd”. 4- tierpark director: is definitely not possible to perform a rubber elephant and nobody sees that is imitation The worker- According the book the employees were aged people, thus is ludicrous that they tried to inflate the elephant with his their oral cavity. The children- in the history said, after saw the elephant was fake the kids never trust in elephants and so they turned into hooligans, this part is of course absurd, how a children changed into hooligans even though they observed an elephant fake.

Make a point-form set of the people, actions, or situations that are realistic. 5- Tierpark director- zoo director can't afford to get an elephant, this is genuine and he bought s i9000 fake elephant, this is genuine too The children- is usually realistic that the children prevent believe in elefant but just for all their your life maybe just one or 36 months Elephant- is realistic the elephant was inflated with gas

6.    � What might the subsequent elements and characters symbolize?

1 .    � The tierpark director: This kind of symbolize a person who does everything for drive more moreattract money or perhaps for go good but sometimes the things that he does are negative

2 .    � The hippo: Sometimes the things which are fake can seem a real but always at the end is discovered the actual

3.    � The owners: this people symbolize does not important the things which they are doing they just do the work the other person says

four.    � The gas: At times something can help you when you hardly ever know

5.    � The schoolchildren: This symbolize individuals who rely on all and therefore are very faithful and when they will saw something that they under no circumstances thought may be for them a trauma

7.    � What is the ethical of the tale?

Don't make an effort to do something very good that seems bad

A. � " The First Wiser Compared to the Tsar”

.    � In stage form, format the five main elements of plot.

The first

installment payments on your    � What is the main issue?

3.    � What lessons or reminder does this account...

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