Teenage Suicide

 Teen Committing suicide Essay


Many elements contribute to the increase of young suicide; probably the most over-looked reasons is through the influences of communication technology (Netter, Niles & Wayne, 2010). The world wide web and mobile phones are progressive way to communicate, but today, teenagers now are exposed to additional information and have altered them to carry out online lovato – which will most teenagers hide to get fear of distress (Netter, Nies & Wayne, 2010). Depending on a developmental standpoint, young adults are within a period of identification searching that leaves their particular psychological health vulnerable to stressors. It is also recorded that self-esteem is at it is lowest compared to other stages in life (Potter & Perry, 2011). Incorporating that with the inadequate decision-making capability, because of their underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, teens are more likely to produce regrettable decisions that adversely impact all their health and the health of those surrounding them. As a community wellness measure, it is essential to take into consciousness that young suicide is actually a preventable health issue. Importance of teaching

Teenagers also usually " discover themselves” on-line through internet social sites such as Facebook . com, MySpace, and Twitter, subjecting self-expression claims that are easily accessible to virtually anyone with little effort. When bullying is done online, it might be perceived the same way as they could if he or she has been bullied looking at his or her good friends due to the great exposing character of on-line information (Netter, Nies & James, 2010). Some young adults and parents lack understanding this online interaction era, so it is important to inform them about the impact of technology on teen into the suicidal behaviors. Potential Regions of Focus

(1)Raises awareness in bullying among teens as well as psychological result – whether online or offline. (2)Prevent teen suicidal thoughts as a result of these kinds of psychological impact. (3)Offer assets and techniques to relieve and eliminate intimidation as a stressor. (4)To assist in peer-to-peer assistance in eliminating/managing psychological impact, suicidal thoughts. (5)Offer community assets as well as specialist and legal assistance to teenagers with suicidal thoughts. (6)Medical tips for teenagers with thoughts of suicide.

(7)Raise understanding of suicidal influences on good friends, family and the city. Scenario

The county is having a youth wellness day time; student nurses from Unione are invited to give a speech to boost awareness and to prevent teenage suicide in the perspective of healthcare experts. The lead nursing scholar is giving a speech to show teenagers about prevention of suicide and its particular impact on family, friends, and community. Placing

The scenario takes place in a community well being event managed by the state with teens between the age ranges of doze and 18 and parents in the audience. A student nurse is usually giving a presentation facing an audience, utilizing a display panel to help with the delivery of information. Roles

•Student Nurse delivers information about young suicide. •Pertinent client details and background information. oTeens among 12 and 18 years old in audience.

oParents accompanying their young adults.

•Pertinent client responses.

oQuestions and answers.


(1)Present statistical taking once life information to get teen's consciousness on committing suicide as a public welfare problem that is directly associated with their age group. (2)Raise teenage awareness within the psychological impact of online bullying on teens, family members, friends, and community. (3)Help teens determine suicidal thoughts and behaviors and give resources to alleviate such thoughts and actions. Presentation Intrigue (Video)


To raise awareness on bullying & suicide.

Discuss strategies to prevent online lovato.

Facilitate peer-to-peer help in spotting suicidal thoughts. Offer community solutions and discuss impacts in family, good friends, and community. (Introduction) Hello, my name is [Equette Weatherall]. I...

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