science investigatory project

 science investigatory project Article


IV- Achievers (Group V)

My spouse and i. Introduction

A. ) Qualifications of the research

Why do you perform the study?

The study was done because of the upcoming gardening within the facility with the school specifically on the vacant space near the new buildings. The study aims to help in the improvisation in the school yard. It is also carried out to ease the function of the farmers or even tiny gardeners. B. ) Statement of the Problem

What topic/problem do you want to examine?

Our study deals about the irrigation approach to a garden. At the same time because of the maximizing the dynamo which in turn powered the device in a garden, it is also used to produce electrical power for charging.

What specific question do your research answer?

How can plants/crops be watered with out big expenditures? How can we all help people whom works in garden or farm to provide their electricity needs as in all those area that you have insufficient sum of energy?

C. ) Value of the Study

Who will reap the benefits of your analyze?

Whenever we use an improvise dynamo, we are able to help other folks. specially the farmers and gardeners. It gives less bills to their backyard that uses sprinkler which in turn contains ferltilizer for faster regarding plants and can also create an electric power to help them for their needs.

How will they profit?

The invention can give benefits to individuals, especially to people who happen to be under gardening world, in the way that they need not bring their particular fertilizer devices just to operate the developments that makes it fewer hassle on the part. They will don't also have to walk under the sun. This only implies that with these materials it will have less operate but more convenience. Because the invention is known as a sprinkler, in addition they don't have to shower water prove plants. The only thing that they will need to do is to harvest. The sprinkler will be driven by a dynamo. This can be a big help, especially...

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