Technology Settings Humanity

 Technology Controls Humanity Analysis Paper

Technology Controls Humanity

In the current society, anything at all is possible with the click of a button or perhaps the flick of any switch. These kinds of concepts are the result of something called technology. Technology is the use of in electronic format enhanced gizmos to " simplify” existence. Humanity and technology have got a relationship of based on one another, although technology is definitely the dominant partner in the bond. Through out the many years movement, technology continues to be controlling the method of communication, the intelligence of humans and the health of society. Whether it be the method humans use to speak to one another, how humans believe for themselves or maybe the side effects directed at the human body; technology is very effective and is competent of overtaking the world.

Technology has become the most commonly used form of interaction between persons. In the past, individuals would send hand-written characters to one another, and have meetings to reconnect together. In 1876, A. G. Bell created the telephone, a great electronical device that allowed people to speak with one another, the moment far away via each other. (Wikipedia Org., 2010) The gadget was a enormous success and was used across the world. In 1947, the invention was taken to the next step by presenting cell phones. They were telephones too but lightweight. (, 2010) Today, several households will no longer own telephones and many folks are incapable of leaving their mobile phones. This is a big distraction and becomes a great obsession of waiting or expecting intended for something fascinating to happen. In addition , people not anymore have the have to open their very own mouths to communicate with others. Everything is usually typed and sent through new ways of technology. The classic cell phone no longer requires speaking, most people who have cell phones in the current time, text your ex back review when they want to tell an individual some data. With the growth, there are now multiple programs including " Facebook” and " Windows Live Messenger” that allow human beings to tell whoever, whatever, at any time in time without even leaving the safety of a cozy seat and a pc. People may even speak to arbitrary strangers by adding their a or using online chat rooms. Today, people communicate with people they have hardly ever met inside their lives and do not know what the intensions of some other person can be. There have been many news tales of teenagers arranging group meetings with people they will met online who looked like nice; then ending up being kidnapped, raped and sometimes even killed. (CNN, 2010) Even audio players are now capable of allowing close friends to communicate. The I-Pod touch started as a system to hold music but now has an infinite volume of applications to down load, many of them staying the same kinds found on personal computers (such as the ones mentioned above). As long as there is wireless-frequency (Wi-Fi) inside the area, therefore of conversation will work. Humans are very sociable creatures and love to have interaction, but it has ceased to be necessary to begin to see the face of any person whilst speaking to them. Many are getting to be addicted to the modern advances in communication and they are constantly waiting for replies. Technology has taken communication into a level excessive that it is affecting how humans think.

Technology is an extremely strong force in today's world and is eliminating the public. Technology is deteriorating the minds of many people by having habit forming qualities. The teenagers who use technology in class such as mp3 players and cell phones are totally distracted by anything the teacher is saying. This triggers the student to miss essential information and also to do terribly in the course. When their technological goods are confiscated they will find other means of certainly not paying attention including worrying about what their programs are for the weekend and the reality they cannot figure them out without their very own cell phones. Too, cell phones bring cheating in examinations. Teenagers may mail the answers of a evaluation to someone...

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