Separation of Mixtures and Solids

 Separation of Mixtures and Solids Composition


This research introduces magnetism, evaporation and filtration as ways to separate mixtures.

Temperature when ever soluble



Salt Chloride400F

Benzoic Acid100F

Try things out and Declaration

After gathering all the materials needed to conduct these trials, the 1st experiment was initiated. The mixture of solids was weighed out in addition to the 10cm sq piece of paper plus the weighing dish. The mixture was disseminate in a very skinny layer on the piece of paper, the magnet was wrapped with clear plastic material and the magnetic was approved over the mixture several times to get rid of the iron from the mixture. The iron was placed on the 10cm square conventional paper and weighed. The next step was going to separate out the sand. The sand was placed in the beaker with 50mL of water and heated to shut to cooking food. The hot liquid was poured into a Styrofoam cup and another 10mL of unadulterated water was added to the beaker and again it absolutely was heated to near cooking food and poured into the same Styrofoam glass. The second heat was to ensure all the sodium chloride and benzoic acid was removed from the sand. The Styrofoam cup was placed into an ice cubes bath, the benzoic acid began crystallizing in the glaciers bath as it started cooling. The fine sand in the beaker was warmed very carefully allowing it to be dried. After the sand was dried it was weighed. The benzoic acid and salt were separated. A filter newspaper was put in the funnel and the cup with the sodium and benzoic acid was poured in to the funnel. A graduated canister with 5mL of water was inserted into the snow bath; it was poured into the funnel to get rid of any of the salt chloride which may have been overlooked. The filtration system paper was laid out on several paper towels to dry. Following the filter paper has dried up it will be acessed and the pounds of the filtering paper will probably be subtracted through the total to obtain the exact quantity of the benzoic acid. The paper glass of sodium chloride was set aside to allow it to be dried. Once it can be dry...

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