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 Thermal Conductivity of a good conductor.


Gauge the thermal conductivity of Birdwatcher using the Searle's bar approach. SAFETY WARNING

This try things out uses steam heating. Be careful to avoid holding the hot surfaces of the vapor generator, hoses and the Searle's bar apparatus. Make sure that the steam outlet tube from your apparatus goes to a sink.


Constant-head apparatus, testing cylinder, stopwatch, Searle's device, steam generator, four thermometers T1, T2, T3, T4, Vernier callipers. T1 and T2 measure the heat at factors on the bar, T3 and T4 measure the temp of drinking water entering and leaving the spiral C. Method

1 . Adjust the constant-head system to give a steady flow of water throughout the coiled pipe. 2 . Complete steam in the steam generator through the vapor chest. wait until the thermometers have reached a stable state (i. e. simply no significant maximize or decrease of temperature for 10 minutes). a few. Measure T1, T2, T3 and T4.

four. Measure the charge of water flow throughout the spiral by simply measuring the quantity of water (m) collected in the measuring cyndrical tube in a presented time (t). Collect about 1 litre. 5. Employing Vernier callipers, measure the diameter of the tavern D as well as the distance m between the thermometers T1 and T2. Theory

Assuming no lack of heat along the bar, it might be shown that:


Q is the heat supplied towards the bar in time t,

A is the cross-sectional area of the club,

dT is the difference in heat between two-points in the club dx separate, k may be the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the pub.

The heat Queen warms up a mass m (in kilograms) of water from temperature T4 to T3 according to the formula:

wherever c is definitely the specific warmth capacity of water (c = 4190 J kg-1 K-1). Using:  �,  (d in metres), and  (A in metres squared) we have:

(in Watts m-1 K-1).

Calculate k and the error in k -- see beneath.

Quote your final result to get the energy conductivity because k t with ideal units. Mistake Calculation

1 ) There is a blunder in assuming that no high temperature lost over the bar, although no modification has been created for this, although this will naturally affect the values of T2 and T1. installment payments on your The absolute mistake in each of the temperature differencesandis the amount of the complete errors in reading the two thermometers. three or more. Errors in m happen from problems in identifying the mass of drinking water collected. four. Errors inside the time big t depend on the accuracy of the stop-watch. 5. Errors in measuring while using Vernier calliper are at least 0. 05 mm, although may be greater (estimate how precisely you are able to measure Deb and d). 6. The fractional problem in e is given simply by: �, consequently determine the absolute error k.


A heating system coil covered round one end offers a heat input at a constant rate as well as the heat is definitely removed in the other end by simply water moving slowly by using a copper tube which is soldered round the club at the other end. The temperatures gradient is measured simply by thermometers placed in holes inside the bar; these types of may be filled with mercury to increase thermal get in touch with. �

When steady condition has been come to the incoming temperature (θ3) and amazing temperature (θ4) of the normal water is registered as is its rate of flow (m) in kgs-1. The cooling water must flow from a constant-head apparatus so the rate of flow does not vary.

The diameter from the bar is measured at a number of different points using a pair of vernier calipers and a mean value discovered. From this the cross-sectional region (A) are available. The value of t is found from your following formula: Rate of flow of heat energy = ΔH/Δt sama dengan -kA(θ1 - θ2)/L = mcw(θ4 - θ3)

wherever θ1 and θ2 are the temperature ranges of the thermometers in the pub, L is their separating and cw is the specific temperature capacity of the water.

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