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FIN503 Foreign Business and Finance

Case 5 Doctor J. FooGroup #: __________

Group Names: ______________________, ____________________, _____________________ ________________________, ______________________, ________________________

In addressing the case inquiries for each circumstance, you should:

1 . Show how a materials and chapter matters being covered in class correspond with the case. installment payments on your Bring in relevant current incidents and problems from other sources related to the situation or matter to support the answers (access to the internet/ internet exercises at the end in the chapter may be helpful) to include new principles and applications to the topic. Make reasoned arguments. 3. Make every effort to emphasize how multinational companies work in a global environment or country. 4. Discuss it is relevance and how it might be relevant to you in the industry world. Make sure to include details if used.

Allowing Go of Lehman Siblings

1 . Experts and proponents alike looked at causes, specifically past Congressional acts like the Community Reinvestment Act, the deregulation with the Glass Steagal Act and semi-government agencies like the Fannie Mac and Fannie Mae, as contributing factors to the subprime crisis. Basic on your exploration, do you think these Acts and agencies include a role to play in the subprime mortgage catastrophe?

2 . Do you believe that the U. S i9000. government treated different banking institutions differently through the crisis? Was that appropriate?

3. Many specialists argue that if the government engagements out a personal financial institution celebrate a problem named " ethical hazard, ” meaning that in the event the institution knows it will be saved, it basically has an bonus to take on even more risk, not less. What do you think?

4. Do you consider that the U. S. federal government should have allowed Lehman Brothers to fail?

5. So why did the failure of Lehman Brothers, a U. S. expense banking company, had this kind of a contagion effect distributing to a global financial crisis?

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