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Title: Almond Allergy

Specific purpose: To inform my own audience regarding the almond allergy. Central Idea: There are many causes that could occur from the peanut allergic reaction such as direct contact, cross-contact and inhalation.


Attention Getter: Jock Roy, 55, a entrepreneur from Hanover, has suffered coming from peanut hypersensitivity after he bit a peanut chausser sandwich in a birthday celebration nearly 50 years ago. He defined his reactions as you start with an itching sensation on the teeth and neck followed by a sensation of sickness in the throat long-term up to 4 hours. Expose The Topic: The situation above arise from the almond allergy. Peanut allergy is one of the most significant of the immediate allergic reactions to foods in terms of persistence. Create Credibility: I have a friend that faced with the peanut allergy. When she eats a product or service contain almond, she will truly feel itchy in her oral cavity. Her epidermis will be irritation, redness and she hard to suck in. She also have been admitted to the hospital with hives and wheezing after you eat chocolate with peanut. When she was a kid, she faces with hive after she put her palm into a dessert mix containing peanut. In addition, she has a good chronic rhinitis, cough and a previous hospitalization for recurrent wheezing. Critique: There are many causes that can happen from the peanut allergy including direct get in touch with, cross-contact and inhalation.

Body: 1 . First of all, the cause that can occur from your peanut allergy is immediate contact. A. Direct exposure to peanuts arises when somebody eating peanuts or food which contain nuts that can develop an allergic reaction and some people also has an experience symptom whenever they touch the peanuts. В

a) Examples of foods that have peanut are peanut chocolates, peanut butter sandwich and peanut cookie.

b) The skin will respond with hives that can over the entire human body when an individual touching the peanut.

c) All the allergic reactions...

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Effect of Anti-IgE Therapy in Patients with Peanut Allergy

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