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Pastoral Guidance Reflection Newspaper

Veronica Mead

Liberty School


Through this paper the student-author sets out her experience with pastoral counselling, current requirements, expectations of the course, and describes her approach to pastoral counseling. This kind of student publisher completed a Master's Degree in Theology at Liberty University to be able to fulfill the position of Helper Pastor in the Christian Community Church, in Georgia, nevertheless has no formal or informal experience in Pastoral Counseling. In this conventional paper the solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling unit is discovered. The reading materials shown in the primary part of the course has helped this scholar to move from a problem-focused method to a solution-focused way of problem solving. В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­В­ Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling (SFPC) offers an option to a problem-focused counseling procedure. (Kollar, 2011, p. 9) In a problem-focused counseling approach the counselling process often remain centered on the problem and never the solution. In focusing on the problem instead of the option, the counselor could unintentionally reinforce the situation (Kollar, 2011, p. 14). This student-author ascribes to the belief that in focusing on the solution and visualizing the mandatory outcome both the counselor plus the counselee become focused on the solution and use all their strength to come up with creative solutions to the situation.



The Reason for this Season of Training4

The New Tool Box4



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This student-author serves as an Assistant Pastor at the Christian Community cathedral in Cartersville, GA, wherever she is otherwise known as upon to pray with and help parishioners find methods to their everyday problems, just like finding career or enclosure. This college student has no encounter or learning pastoral guidance, and therefore desires to15325 learn whenever you can in this program. This scholar feels that she has recently been called to care for and console the countless brokenhearted and broken-down souls living in the community and would like to get the necessary schooling to deliver quality care and consolation to folks. THE EXPLANATION FOR THIS SEASON OF TRAINING

This pupil completed a Master's degree in Theology but find that she is not sufficiently educated to perform pastoral counselling at any level. Consequently , this student has launched into a degree in pastoral guidance to become more qualified to provide wise therapies. This student will make just about every effort to learn from teachers, fellow learners, lectures, web-engagements, and designated readings to acquire as much understanding as possible. THE NEW TOOL BOX

This student feels that it is a privilege and honor to be approved into Freedom University Theological Seminary. Studying the given material and writing with the graduate level is of great importance in Liberty University or college. Therefore , after receiving the catalogs, this scholar made it her business go over The Newsletter Manual with the American Internal Association 6th edition and A Manual for Copy writers of Study Papers, These, and Composition 8th model. This manual is not really the easiest manual to read in the New Knapsack, however , as writing professional and graduate level documents are so crucial in this program, this scholar conscientiously read this manual complex to gain an understanding of publishing in the APA format. Therefore, the APA Manual was your first addition to the " new knapsack. ” Another addition to the tool box was The Quick Reference point Guide to Biblical Counseling: Personal and Mental Issues by simply Clinton and Hawkins. This student browse the introduction and quickly scanned subsequent chapters to obtain an overall photo of the articles of the book. This scholar will re-read each part in depth to garner as much information as it can be. The creators touched on some very essential subjects including addictions, anger, bitterness,...

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