Only Know What You Were Taught

 Only Know What You Were Taught Dissertation

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Cahlil Thomas

Mentor Massenburg

The english language 131L-05

24 October 2013

Only Really know what You Were Taught

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As an American university student, we can be very unoriginal and frequently conceptualize various other cultures or perhaps countries. We all like to assume every Mexican that we observe is an illegal immigrant and reduces grass to get a living, that the Asian within our class is usually the smartest, and this Germans do not sense of humor. Intercontinental students are aware of how their particular peers perspective them, Rebekah Nathan, who is in her fifty's went to Northern Arizona University like a freshman. Nathan observed and interviewed a lot of international college students to get their opinion about deficiency of information and misinformation that American students have about other civilizations and countries. With her results the lady wrote a great essay entitled " My Freshman Year: Worldliness and Worldview”, in the essay all the international pupils interviewed explained American college students misconceptions while ignorant. I agree with them but My spouse and i don't pin the consequence on the American students, My spouse and i blame Many educational program, simply because of my personal experience with cultural studies intended for the a dozen years I had been in grade school. Once i think to what I was taught in those classes all I remember is American history, America Thomas a couple of

In its present state, studies of various other countries but only of their crisis, and war reports that led to America released on top. В В Recently I discovered the countries in Africa are no not the same as most countries in other continents. I learned that there are properties and neighborhoods and urban centers in every region in The african continent, It is not difficult to find a KFC or McDonald's in many countries in Africa, and large parts of Africa are tropical rainforests, The african continent is not merely one big desert. That's kind of silly given that I think regarding it but before then simply, I had never investigated the continent and just built assumptions via things We seen on TV, like the news or creature planet, and the past background. Africa is actually a big...

Cited: Nathan, Rebekah. My Junior Year: Worldliness and Worldview. The World of Writing. Posey/Manglesdorf. 2011. Print

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