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My spouse and i. Introduction to Nokia Corporation Limited

II. Swat Analysis of Nokia Telecommunication Ltd






Nokia Corporation is one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers. They have since proven a leading company presence in many local market segments, and business has expanded considerably in all of the areas to support customer requirements and the regarding the telecoms industry. Nokia also creates mobile phone infrastructure and other telecommunications equipment for applications just like traditional voice telephony, ISDN, internet connection access, professional mobile car radio,  voice above IP,  wireless LAN and a line of dish receivers. Nokia provides cellular communication equipment for every major market and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA in fact it is known internationally for its reliable and high-quality products.


Founded: Tampere, Grand Territory of Finland (1865) incorporated in Nokia (1871) Founder(s): Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

Place served: Around the world

Key persons: Risto Siilasmaa (Chairman), Stephen Elop (President & CEO) Products: Mobile phones, Smartphones, Portable computers, Network Services: Maps and routing, music, messaging and media, Software solutions

Nokia has about 105, 1000 employees around 120 countries, sales in more than a hundred and fifty countries and annual revenues of around €38 billion dollars. As of 2012 it is the planet's second-largest cellular phone maker by simply unit revenue (after Samsung), with a global market share of twenty-two. 5% in the first one fourth. It is the world's 143rd-largest company measured by simply 2011 revenues according to the Good fortune Global five-hundred. Nokia was your world's most significant vendor of mobile phones by 1998 to 2012.


Strategic use of design -- As margins have been 3 x those of their nearest rivals, Nokia continues to be able to re-emphasize the importance of design to put it virtually at the heart from the organization's procedures. This has moved Nokia via being a feature-driven to a design-driven manufacturer. Highly effective New Products -- Nokia's creativity roadmap weaves its application and companies into a soft package. Nokia created the D Series to deliver high-end multimedia phones. In addition , its near-ubiquitous camera-phones include provided revenue opportunities via user-generated articles. Market Leader in Asia - With overall sector handset quantities growing, Nokia is in the best position of any manufacturer. At the lower end of the industry, Nokia is the leading brand in China and India which is well positioned for further expansion. It continues to lead about process advancement to drive down cost which is opening it is tenth factory in India with the capacity to turn out 20 million mobile phones a year. New Alliances & Acquisitions -- Nokia is usually using units with the likes of Google and Skype to offer more freedom of preference direct to consumers. In support of the social networking trend, Nokia has created alliances with partners just like Yahoo allowing users to share photos featuring a Flickr service. Seeing that area and content services provide major chances Nokia bought Navteq, the leading provider of digital map information for more than $8 billion. Nokia needs that the really mobile internet with multiple connectivity alternatives that allow faster usage of music, online video, TV and mobile nav and massive multi-player gaming services will be a major factor in driving further progress. Manufacturing Talents - Nokia is one of the most efficient manufacturing companies globally. Very few western companies have ever endured an all out assault by China Inc., but Nokia, a company from high-cost Finland, has also been for years the world's lowest-cost key producer of phones. Elop's memo appreciates that price leadership is now under menace, but it continues to be an unbelievable fulfillment that...

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