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Mark Kendall: A needle-free shot patch gowns safer and way cheaper Shot June 2013 at WYATT Global 2013 Edinburgh, Scotland


0: 11It's a pleasure to be here in Edinburgh, Scotland, the birthplace from the needle and syringe. Not more than a mile from here in this course, in 1853 a Scotsman filed his very first patent on the filling device and syringe. His name was Alexander Wooden, and it had been at the Royal College of Physicians. This can be the patent. What blows my mind when I look at it even today is the fact it looks nearly identical to the needle utilized today. But, it's one hundred sixty years old. zero: 43So we turn to the field of vaccines. Most vaccines will be delivered with the needle and syringe, this kind of 160-year-old technology. And credit rating where really due -- on various levels, vaccines are a effective technology. After clean water and sterilization, vaccines will be the one technology that has improved our expected life the most. This is a pretty hard act to beat.

1: 11But just like any other technology, vaccines have their flaws, and the hook and syringe is a key part inside that story -- this kind of old technology. So a few start with benefits: Many of us dislike the hook and syringe. I reveal that watch. However , 20 percent of the populace have anything called needle phobia. Gowns more than disliking the needle; that is definitely avoiding getting vaccinated due to needle anxiety. And that's troublesome in terms of the rollout of vaccines.

you: 45Now, linked to this is one other key issue, which is hook stick injuries. And the Who may have figures that suggest about 1 . three or more million deaths per year happen due to cross-contamination with needle stick accidental injuries. These are early deaths that take place.

2: 02Now, they are two things that you probably might have heard of, but you will find two additional shortcomings with the needle and syringe you possibly will not have heard about. One is it can be holding back again the next generation of vaccines regarding their resistant responses. Plus the second is that it could be in charge of the problem from the cold string that Items tell you about too.

2: 23I'm going to tell you about some operate that my own team and i also are doing nationwide at the University of Queensland on a technology designed to handle those four problems. And that technology is called the Nanopatch. Now, this is a specimen of the Nanopatch. To the nude eye it merely requires looks like a square less space-consuming than a postage stamp, but under a microscopic lense what you observe are a large number of tiny predictions that are hidden to the human eye. And discover about 4, 000 projections on this particular square compared to the needle. And I've designed those predictions to provide a key position, which is to work together with the skin's immune system. Therefore that's a very important function tied in with the Nanopatch.

several: 13Now all of us make the Nanopatch with a strategy called profound reactive ion etching. And this particular technique is one that is borrowed from your semiconductor sector, and therefore is definitely low cost and can be rolled out in large numbers.

3: 28Now we dry-coat vaccines to the projections of the Nanopatch and apply it to the skin. Now, most effective form of program is employing our little finger, but the finger has its own limitations, thus we've devised an applicator. And it's a very simple device -- you could call it up a sophisticated finger. It's a spring-operated device. The things we do is once we apply the Nanopatch for the skin as so -- (Click) -- immediately a couple of things happen. So first of all, the predictions on the Nanopatch breach throughout the tough external layer as well as the vaccine is extremely quickly introduced -- inside less than a tiny, in fact. Then we can take those Nanopatch away and discard it. And indeed we can generate a reuse of the applicator itself.

four: 22So which gives you a good idea of the Nanopatch, and quickly you can see several key positive aspects. We've mentioned it being needle-free -- these are predictions that you can't even discover -- and, of course , we get around the filling device phobia issue as well....

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