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You already know the actual subject matter of the course is. Now our task is always to find out who have the first people who spoke Germanic 'languages' were. These were ancient Germans – high warlike blondin who distributed all over The european countries.

After learning the second lecture you will be able to resolve the following concerns: - In which did ancient Germans live?

- How did that they live?

-- What were the main ancient events in your daily course?

- What languages performed they speak?

Group, dialect, migration, invasion

1 . The initially testimonies in Germanic tribes

Germanic tribes are great cultural complex of ancient The european union, a basic stock in the composition of the modern day peoples of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Northern Italy, holland, Belgium, The duchy of luxembourg, Northern and Central Portugal, Lowland Scotland and Britain. In old times the territory of Germanic languages was even more limited than now. Hence in the 1st century A. D. Germanic languages had been only voiced in Philippines and in territories adjacent to this and also in Scandinavia. It is considered that they lived in the territory involving the rivers Elbe and Odra, on the peninsula Jutland and the Southern Sweden. During those times old Germanic tribes were passing through the stage of development which is marked by the term " barbarism”. Via archeology it truly is clear the fact that Germans had little ethnic solidarity; by 7th century B. C. they had commenced a split into a large number of peoples. They did not call up themselves Germans; the origin in the name is definitely uncertain. Their rise to significance (4th cent. M. C. ) in the history of Europe began roughly with all the general break-up of Celtic culture in central The european union. From these kinds of areas that they spread out in great migrations southward, southeastward, and westward. Geography produced the place of the Germanic tribes attractive to the Romans as a potential province to boost the previously powerful Roman Empire. The combination of normal resources, culture, and strategic...

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