Contemporary History Ww1 Notes

 Modern Background Ww1 Paperwork Essay

2. The Origins of WW1

* Imperialism

5. " Nods and winks sustained tranquility in Europe” – Joe Wood 5. ‘Lets certainly not fall out more than something, lets swap components of land' Trading land utilized to keep peacefulness * Units and Diplomacy

2. ‘In brief the protective orientation with the alliance restrained state via acts of clear violence – Joe Wood 2. International Economic system

2. ‘International control strengthened peacefulness in Europe' –Alan Wooden * Germany and Great Britain – 1910's - ‘interdependent' * The Role of the Military (militarism)

5. ‘To stay in peace is to prepare for war' – Alan wood * Public judgment

2. ‘There is usually little proof of bellicose behaviour prior to 1914' – Alan Wood (bellicose means expert war) * ‘The evidence is unequivocal: Europeans were turning all their back on militarism – Ferguson " the shame of War” * ‘THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL': socialists/Marxists (idea that back communism) organisations * " Bonds of peace (5 factors) provided the basis intended for economic prosperity, cultural exchange and real expansion” – Alan Wood * " The great capabilities departed using their behaviour containing sustained serenity because peace now seemed to threaten all their great power status and their existence” * How come Did Warfare Break Out?

* You possess of tranquility kept war from disregarding out before * " If we happen to be engaged in battle we hall suffer, NEVERTHELESS little more than we shall whenever we stand aside” – Lord Grey, GB foreign ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) 1914

" If we will be engaged in battle we hall suffer, BUT little more than we shall whenever we stand aside” – Head of the family Grey, GIGABYTE foreign minister 1914

Escalation of dread – anxiety about encirclement, forearms race and crises

2. Reasons for Entering the Battle

* Crises:

5. 1st Moroccan crisis 1907

* next Moroccan crisis 1910/1911

2. Balkan Battle 1911/1913

5. Assassination of Arch Duke 1914 (sparked the

This summer crisis that might end in the declaration of war)

* Germany

1 . Public view: " shielding war”

installment payments on your Kaiser Wilhelm (German general)

3. Risk of encirclement by Portugal and Russia

4. Drop of friend (Aus/Hun)

a few. Belief in British neutrality

6. Schleiffen-Moltke was ideas (offensive and rely on passing through Belgium 7. Time can be running out


1 . Vengeance for dropped land in 1871 Franco-Prussian

2 . Part of Joffre: confident and draws up offensive battle plans 3. Growing acceptance for ‘defensive war'

4. Timing: battle was close

5. Developing relationship with Russia


1 ) Navy competition (1912 GIGABYTE won)

installment payments on your Moral factors eg. Nationalism

3. Value of Italy and responsibility to Belgium

4. Danger of German born advancement in to Northern The european union

5. Personal pressures


1 ) Gradual fall politically, militarily

2 . Growing ethical tensions/nationalism

3. Growing strengths of rivals (RUS, FRA)

4. Assassination of Arch Fight it out Ferdinand around the 28th June 1914 5. ‘Blank cheque' Kaiser Wilhelm offers absolute, wholehearted support * Russia

1 ) Commercial/trade desire for the Balkan

2 . Slavic nationalism – assassination of Arch Duke F

three or more. Growth of The german language economic and military capabilities

4. Nicholas II

a few. Pressure via France

six. Public view

7. Advancement offensive

2. Battles

‘Governments and large commanders had been left to conduct operations as they observed fit. Inside the opening your five months it was exceptional' - Stevenson ‘Governments and large commanders had been left to conduct functions as they saw fit. In the opening a few months it was exceptional' - Stevenson

Challenge of Mons

* British Expeditionary causes obstruct German advance 5. 42 working day conquest turns into unrealistic

5. " While the Germans lost impetus the allies recovered” – Stevenson Battle Of Marne

* 100km of battles

2. French assets and soldiers exhausted

* Moltke snatches defeat from...

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