God of the Flies

 Lord of the Flies Essay

The Death of Society,

Violence, and Loss of Identity


Lord of the Flies

By William Golding

Ben Cruz


Mr. Risk

December 6th, 2012

Assault and Loss of Identity in Lord of the Flies Bill Smith

The new Lord with the Flies by William Golding is about a group of boys whom are stuck on an tropical isle. At first, the boys build order, but as the book progresses this kind of order dips and the boys become very uncivilized. Golding uses the development of characters to exhibit that individuals, when inadequate a formal identification and responsibility for their actions, will work in a method of violence, and from this a dangerous environment can produce. Golding displays this throughout the brutality of Jack when he loses his identity, just how Ralph functions when immersed in a group, and Roger's loss of control.

Ralph, the primary character with the book and one of the males who keeps his aspire to keep purchase the most, sometimes gives in his primitive urges. At first, when the kids are creating order, Ralph is the child who many wants the boys on the island to follow rules. Ralph explains to the young boys that " the next person to speak... holds it (the conch) once he's speaking”(33). At this time, Ralph knows that to maintain order they have to have collection rules. Even though he desires to conform to the rules, he occasionally participates in group actions which remove his impression of remorse and result. When the group is building the fire, Ralph does not consider that one that is too large can result in a massive bushfire, and even the death of any child. He yells in the group " More wooden! All of you drive more moreattract wood! ”(41) and this inspires the males to gather a great deal wood that the fire gets out of control. Experienced he not had been so excited by group, probably he would have remembered what he formerly wanted: the boys to remain controlled. Although Ralph is definitely on his initially hunt, he experiences the particular other boys...

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