Life Routine of a Golf Player

 Life Routine of a Rugby Player Composition


PROBLEM: A normal person, if he want to become a tennis professional has to proceed through different stages. These different phases are as follows:




•Ex participant

Each stage has its own requirements and desired goals. The person must satisfy the requirements if this individual wants to attain his goals.

1)As an Amateur:


•Ideal age to understand tennis reaches most 7years

•Learn the basics of tennis in 12 months

•Start playing tournaments and gain match experience after that. •Should find a very good coach obtainable

•Should become financially audio

2)As a gamer:


•The ideal age for a player is 10-16 years

•Should quit institution and enjoy more countrywide level competitions. •Should win as many tournaments as possible

•Should gain several ranking items as possible

•Should be in top10 in the country

•Work about fitness every day for at least 3hours.

•Should include a practice partner who also plays better then you •Should be financially very sound as it is hard to get sponsorer in this phase •Should try to get a sponsorer.

•The traumas should be as minimum as it can be

3)As a specialist:


•A player, in the event he is interested in tennis, should certainly turn into a specialist by 18years. •The most of the game what has been learnt will be reflected during this period. As well as the person will probably be in prime for around five years. •Should find a sponsorer

•Should enjoy more and more worldwide tournaments

•Should gain numerous international rank points as is feasible. •Work on fitness each day for at least 3hours

•Should possess a good practice partner who appreciate your style of game •The injuries should be as bare minimum as possible

•Should find certification deals with corporate and business companies



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