Lbyphyp Ekg Martinez

 Lbyphyp Ekg Martinez Dissertation

Studying the Center with EKG

Nicole Mae Martinez, Paolo Go, Gerome Sy

BULL CRAP in Pre-med Physics Student, Physics Department, De La Salle University -- Manila, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines

[email protected] com

Abstract — Monitoring one's electric powered activity of the heart is important in deciding any malocclusions present in the heart. In this experiment, we all investigated the wave forms presented by the electrocardiogram browsing and bring up it to the heart's electrical activity of the members. All of us first attached one electrode each for the inner right and left forearm and on the right wrist. Then, we all observed the wave habits of the electric powered impulses of the heart. We all also identified the different time periods needed to be noticed. Next, all of us interchanged the electrodes for the forearms with one another to be able to get a change in the electrical process of the cardiovascular. Based on the results, all three subjects have normal QRS and Q-T intervals. On the other hand, Subject 3's P-R value is not really within the normal range, suggesting his behavioral instinct might have considered a shorter route. As well, all three subjects have normal heart rates.

Keywords — electrocardiogram, power impulse, electrode, waveform

I actually. Introduction

Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a simple test out that provides a graphical manifestation of the heart's electrical activity. It helps in monitoring this current condition of the heart and showing any kind of irregularities in the heart. [1] From the readings presented by the EKG, anybody can see the design of the electrical impulses throughout the heart as it contracts and relaxes. [2] The cardiovascular contracts and pumps the blood towards the lung area and other body parts through a normal electrical behavioral instinct or say. [3] Several wave time periods make up a great electrocardiogram reading. The S wave comes from the upper sections of the center while the lower part chambers comprise the QRS Complex. Lastly, the Capital t wave compares to the relaxation stage of the ventricles. [4] Analyzing these intervals will provide us information about any unevenness in the cardiovascular system such as anginas, myocardial infarction, irregular rhythms and irregular speeding or slowing. [5] Our initial objective with this experiment is to observe the electric activity of the heart by a certain time period. Next, all of us aim to recognize the different intervals in the electrocardiogram readings of the heart and also correlate these kinds of to our current medical condition. Finally, we as opposed the say forms benefits between the typical and alternate placement of the electrodes. [5]

II. Method

The materials used for this experiment were the following: computer, Vernier computer user interface, Logger Expert, Vernier EKG Sensor, and electrode tabs. We established the set-up by connecting the EKG Sensor towards the computer program and then the interface to the computer. We all opened the file " 12 Inspecting Heart EKG” and used it as each of our program. We took turns on being the subject in this experiment. 1st, we fastened the electrode tabs on three different parts of the hands: the green (negative) electrode on the right inner upper forearm, the dark (ground) electrode on the right wrist as well as the red (positive) electrode on the left hand side inner top forearm. Even though the subject is usually sitting properly, we started out data collection. Afterwards, we all highlighted the regions of the P-R, QRS, Q-T and R-R periods and received the time by each of people. We as well recorded the heart rate with the subject. Intended for the second part, we would the same procedures but this time, the red electrode is placed on the right interior upper fore arm while the green electrode can be attached on the left inner top forearm.

III. Results and Discussion

The info shown beneath were acquired during the course of the experiment: STAND I

ekg reading of subject 1

|Interval |Time (s) | |P-R |0. 13 s...

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[5]D. Gordon & S i9000. Gordon, Human Physiology with Vernier, Nonius, Beaverton, OR PERHAPS, USA.

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