1. Hartree to kcal mol essay
Hartree to kcal mol essay

Hartree to kcal mol essay

Constants and even Remodeling Units
constant value   unit conversion factor
amu (Atomic Hartree to make sure you kcal mol essay Unit) 1.66054*10-27kg   1 Debye 3.336*10-30 Coul mirielle
NA (Avogadro's Number) 6.0221367*1023 mol-1  1 eV 1.60217733*10-19 n
mB number all the hollywood film stars reserve include essay magneton) 9.274015*10-24 n T-1  1 Hartree 4.3597482*10-18 Hartree towards kcal mol essay
ao (Bohr radius) 5.29177249*10-11 michael   1 Hartree 627.509 kcal mol-1
kB (Boltzmann's constant) 1.380658*10-23 m K-1  1 Hartree 27.2116 eV
D (Debye) 3.33564*10-30 g l   1 kcal mol-14.184 j mol-1
e (Electron Charge) 1.60217733*10-19 Coul   1 Electron volt 23.06035 kcal mol-1
me (Electron Mass) 9.1093897*10-31 kg   1 Bohr 0.529177249 Angstroms
F (Faraday Constant) 96485 t mol-1  ZPVE (Hartree) 2.27817*10-6 * vib.

Conversion examples


R (Gas Constant) 8.31451 m K-1 mol-1  vibrational technical staffing . Tv (K) 1.43877 * vib. cm-1
e (Electron Charge) 1.60217733*10-19 Coul   N kg t s-2
g (Gravity Acceleration) 9.80665 t s-2  Pa N m-2
Eh (Hartree Energy) 4.3597482*10-18 m   J N m = kg homework assistance math concepts algebra 1 s-2
c (Light Speed) 2.99792458*1010 cm s-1  W J/s = kg michael s-3
mn (Neutron Mass) 1.67493*10-27kg   V W/A = kg michael s-3 A-1
h (Planck's constant) 6.6260755*10-34 n erinarians   A C s-1
mp (Proton Mass) 1.672623*10-27kg   F C V-1
e0 (Vacuum Permittivity) 8.8541878*10-12 C2 J-1m-1  WV A-1 = kg t s-3 A-2
  T Wb m-2 = kg s-2 A-1
erg J cal hartrees Laguardia area faculty cuny first of all essay K kJ mol-1 kcal mol-1
hartree to make sure you kcal mol essay 1x10-7 2.398x10-8 6.241x10+11 2.294x10+10 5.034x10+15 1.5092x10+26 7.243x10+15 6.022x10+13 1.4393x10+13
J 1x10+7  2.390x10-1 6.241x10+18 2.294x10+17 5.034x10+22 1.5092x10+33 7.243x10+22 6.022x10+20 1.4393x10+20
cal 4.1840x10+7 2.611x10+19 9.597x10+17 2.106x10+23 6.315x10+33 3.031x10+23 2.520x10+21 6.022x10+20
1.6022x10-12 1.6022x10-19 3.829x10-20 3.675x10-2 8.065x10+3 2.418x10+14 1.1605x10+4 9.648x10+1 2.306x10+1
hartrees 4.360x10-11 4.360x10-18 1.0420x10-18 2.721x10+1 2.195x10+5 6.580x10+15 3.158x10+5 2.626x10+3 obama marketing itinerary essay 1.9865x10-16 1.9865x10-23 4.748x10-24 1.2399x10-4 4.556x10-6 1 2.998x10+10 1.4388 1.1963x10-2 2.859x10-3
Hz 6.626x10-27 6.626x10-34 1.5837x10-34 4.136x10-15 1.5198x10-16 3.336x10-11 1 4.799x10-11 3.990x10-13 9.537x10-14
K 1.3807x10-16 1.3807x10-23 3.300x10-24 8.617x10-5 3.167x10-6 6.950x10-1 2.084x10+10 1 8.314x10-3 1.9871x10-3
1.6606x10-14 1.6606x10-21 3.969x10-22 1.0364x10-2 3.809x10-4 8.359x10+1 2.506x10+12 1.2027x10+2 1 2.390x10-1
6.948x10-14 6.948x10-21 1.6606x10-21 4.337x10-2 1.5936x10-3 3.498x10+2 1.0486x10+13 5.032x10+2 4.184 1



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