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Pros and cons of Alternative Powers

1 . Introduction

Report shows that the current main energy sources are fossil fuels (e. g. essential oil, gas, and coal) (Planete energies, in. d. ). However , fossil fuels are nonrenewable, it will go out in future plus the price of oil, gas and electrical energy keeps growing yearly. Therefore, the need of alternate energy is very important. The main alternative sources will be nuclear energy, solar energy, breeze energy, hydroelectric energy, biomass power and geothermal electricity (National atlas, 2013). The purpose of this daily news is to illustrate some of the alternative energy sources and the advantages and disadvantages. installment payments on your Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

2 . 1Advantages of Solar Energy

The advantage of solar energy is definitely they are never-ending and renewable resource. Furthermore, it is also polluting of the environment free. 2 . 2Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Installing of solar panels is incredibly easy and will save a lot of electricity price in the long run however the installation value is expensive; this is certainly one of the drawbacks of solar power. The various other disadvantage would it be can't be applied during a tornado, on a over cast or rainy day, and also at night (School Tutoring, 2012). 3. Pros and cons of Nuclear Energy

a few. 1 Advantages of Nuclear Energy

The biggest benefit of nuclear energy is it does not pollute environmental surroundings as there is not any greenhouse gas release. Furthermore, it also has a great reliability. According into a report, the nuclear strength release a mil times even more energy than hydro or wind energy, this is also one of the advantages of elemental power. Besides that, it helps to save electricity cost extended range run (green living. wish to know, and. d. ). 3. two Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy

However , there are numerous disadvantages because they concern numerous safety issues. Initially, they can be utilized to make nuclear weapons because they can cause a sizable scale of destruction. The other downside is it is...

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