Group Characteristics

 Group Dynamics Essay

The characteristics of effective Groups

Much may be learned about the art of building an effective group. We now understand lots of the principles that creates the proper environment in which groupings can flower and grow. Yet we remain not able to " guarantee" that a group is going to reach it is goals or perhaps be just a modestly effective. However , a group consists of " the most effective people" has some probability of failure. ( )

Groups can take about so much more risk than individuals and can attempt a level of greatness that is beyond the realistic expect of any individual.

To unleash the total power of groups, members need to sort out on their own where and exactly how they can greatest make use of all their group and what, on their behalf, group job means. Underneath are characteristics of effective Organizations.

Clear Goal

The group members need to agree on an obvious purpose or perhaps goal and each team member is willing to operate to achieve these goals. They is aware of and interested in its processes and examines best practice rules operating inside the team. They identifies its own resources and uses these people, depending on the needs. The team willingly accepts the affect and leadership of the users whose assets are highly relevant to the immediate job.


They members constantly listen to and clarify what is being said and show desire for others' feelings and thoughts. Differences of opinion are encouraged and freely portrayed. The team will not demand narrow conformity or perhaps adherence to formats that inhibit independence of movement and expression. They is willing to identify turmoil and focus on it until it is solved or managed in a way that will not reduce the effectiveness of those included. The team targets problem solving rather than allowing by interpersonal problems or competitive struggles to drain the team's strength.

Defined Roles

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