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26th IEEEP Students' Seminar 2011 Pakistan Navy Engineering College National University or college of Savoir & Technology

" Android os Wi-Fi P2P Networking”

Android-Imagination is the Limit!!

Sanghaar Ali Malik

BE (Telecommunications Engineering) NED University or college of Anatomist & Technology Karachi, Pakistan [email protected] com

Noor ul Ain Ali

BE (Telecommunications Engineering) NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, Pakistan [email protected] com

Sehrish Jahan

ALWAYS BE (Telecommunications Engineering) NED College or university of Architectural & Technology Karachi, Pakistan engr. [email protected] com

Abstract-The main theme of this research conventional paper includes a quick introduction to each of our project " Android Wi fi Peer-to-Peer Networking”. The purpose of this kind of research is to create and implement a telephony program that uses Wi-Fi in P2P (Peer-to-Peer) as a means of interaction between cellphones at no cost. The program will allow users to search for additional individuals inside Wi-Fi range and to establish free P2P voice contacts, or to build virtual interconnection through Get Points (AP). It permits devices to communicate with each other enabling wealthy peerto-peer social applications. We will present what sort of mobile peer-to-peer file-sharing application can be implemented using the Session Initiation Process (SIP) since the actual signaling protocol. Keywords- Google android; Wi-Fi; DRINK; Java; P2P; NAT; JXTA; IMS; API

networks by making use of SIP which includes enhancements while the P2P signaling process. This thesis is divided into two parts. In the initial part, several P2P architectures and search algorithms happen to be presented, inside the second component, hybrid cellular P2P architecture consisting of a Google android based portable client and a SIP Application Hardware based super-peer are presented. In addition , words call will probably be supported employing Wi-Fi allowing mobile phones to communicate cost free to each other through P2P or through AP.

II. FOR WHAT REASON ANDROID? Android Operating System provides advantages, because listed below:


I. INTRO At first, Peer-to-Peer networks were used only for file-sharing, at the. g., Napster, BitTorrent but since time approved, many kinds of applications have been constructed using the peer-to-peer paradigm, electronic. g. VOIP application, Skype ip telefoni. Growth of peer-to-peer phenomenon have not only produced new protocols but also older protocols, traditionally utilized for the client-server paradigm, which is now staying transformed into P2P protocols, at the. g., P2P Session Initiation Protocol. The primary objective with this research paper is to present how Peer-to-Peer based services can be effectively realized in next-generation mobile

A. Deteriorating application limitations Android fights the limitations to building new and innovative applications. With Google android, a developer could build an application that enables users to view the location with their friends and stay alerted if they are in the area giving them the opportunity to connect. [1] B. Openness Android enables developers to create compelling mobile applications. It really is built to be truly open, allowing developers' access key mobile unit functionality through standard API (Application Coding Interface) telephone calls. This is true, being a developer one can do every thing, from sending short text messages with simply two lines of code. [2]

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26th IEEEP Students' Seminar 2011 Pakistan Navy Architectural College National University of Sciences & Technology C. Fast & easy app development Google android will provide us an access to a wide range of valuable libraries and tools which can be used to build rich applications. Android os will permit us to have the location of the system, and allow devices to contact one another enabling rich peer-topeer social applications. [3] C. Libraries Is it doesn't C/C++ libraries used by Android os system. These are provided to the developer through Application platform. D. Linux Kernel Android uses Linux Kernel intended for hardware managing and offering hardware indifference to the rest of...

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