FLVS Task Milestone Skill related exercise

 FLVS Project Milestone Skill related fitness Essay

Project Milestone: Skill Related Exercise.

AgilityTake three cones and set them up so they are each 90 feet aside.

Label all of them one, two, and three.

Start at a single and then run to two as soon as you can. Feel

cone two and manage back to cone one and touch cone one;

in that case run to cone three and touch cone three and run backside

to cone one.

Continue doing this multiple some when you truly feel you're prepared

for more of any challenge, push them even farther back 50 feet in

a time.

Skill Power Response Time

Velocity BalanceStand over a straight line thats about 100 foot long. You are able to п¬Ѓnd this kind of on a sidewalk, street, or else you can attract one

with chalk. Stand on the guidelines of your foot, and put you

arms from the side of the body and walk ahead. Try to

stay perfectly at risk. Start going faster and faster and train yourself to balance.

Response TimeStart carrying out jumping jacks. Have music playing in the back ground and an individual in the room who has control of the

music. Turn your back to them and begin doing the jumping

jacks. When they quit the music, stop in mid-action. If you

move, than retry. In the event you stop then try to improve your time.

SpeedRun half a mile each day for any week. Set a goal, how fast do you want to do the fifty percent mile? Try to improve your time

by the end in the week. If you hit your goal or close to it, then do a mile and do exactly the same thing.

PowerFind a hill or walking trek near you. Ensure its extremely steep. Everyday do eight jogs along the slope. Make

sure that you period yourself and you try to increase your

time and build more stamina levels.

CoordinationTake a tennis racket, a golf ball, and a wall membrane with no home windows and perform wall ball. Wall ball is a video game where you

struck the rugby ball with you racket on the wall and

when it comes back, you struck it once again and so on and

so forth.

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