Examinations Really are a Hindrance to Proper Education

 Examinations Are a Hindrance to Proper Education Essay

Examinations will be evaluative means for gauging students' achievements over a medium to long-term period. Many educational institutions administer teacher-built examinations and standardised assessments such as individuals administered by The Malawi Countrywide Examinations Plank. However , there is debate amongst educators regarding the importance of tests to education. Hopkins (2009: 15) acknowledges this issue by saying that " as with many educational dilemmas, the pendulum from the necessity of final examinations continually swings by needed to useless and again. ” Several reasons had been advanced to discredit the role of examinations in the education program. Among this kind of arguments will be that tests encourage rote learning, which examinations do not really evaluate intelligence, nevertheless only a narrow set of mental capabilities. Examination experts also argue that at times evaluation results tend to be misinterpreted, abused and misused. Different educators, however , view examinations as an integral part of the education system. Such teachers argue that examinations help in encouraging students to find out and that they help governments to make important decisions that assist in improving their very own education devices. Having properly considered arguments from both equally sides, this paper backs the idea that examinations certainly are a hindrance to proper education. Firstly, an education system emphasising on exams encourages rote learning. Mainly because emphasis is positioned on moving examinations, students learn test passing abilities not your life skills. Oosterhof (1999) claims that motivated by instructors and parents, learners focus on learning strategies that increase their probability of inflating their test ratings. These strategies range from looking at old assessments to be familiar with quality format, learning which answers to quickly discard in multiple choice questions to learning strict ways to phrase answers to acquire maximum results. The actual process of learning in preparation to get an exam is very dissimilar to learning generally speaking. Learning actual life concepts and ideas require students to take notes in the lecture, do their very own homework and develop a good understanding of the material covered. Yet , when college students learn to move examinations, they may cram anything into the short-term memory, in which facts, statistics and formulae will be kept in mind just very long to enable these people write the assessment (Bachman and Palmer, 2002). That know-how is all although lost nearly immediately after the examination since nothing was retained inside their long-term memory space. However , education is much more than simply passing a great examination. Krishnamurti in Stronge (2007: 14) says that " there is absolutely no end to education. It is not that you go through a book, move an examination, and complete with education. ” Assessments in this way act as a burden to education because the scholar passes the examinations, yes, but does not have enough knowledge after education. Secondly, an examination-oriented education program dilutes the very same curriculum that seeks in promoting. Steffensen, (2009: 11) says that " because instructors are more and more being compensated based on their students' results, they instruct in a way which includes as its primary purpose pumping up test scores. ” Educators can do this in many ways including limiting their very own curriculum to topics considered to be on the test, phrasing your concerns in the same way as the test, carrying out a lot of model tests, extended discussions of mock assessments and how to spot the most likely answer in the event somebody does indeed not know the answer. As soon as the aim is defined to obtain higher grades in assessments, other activities will have to be sacrificed. Peacocks (2009: 19) argues that " educators are sure to cut extra-curricular activities including sports and in addition discourage imaginative activities so that students can study for a longer time. ” This could not happen since the students have worked hard in the class and studying therefore they should be allowed to take part in activities such as as a great...

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