electoral reform

 electoral reform Essay

Orissa Assessment * January - 2006

Need for Electoral Reforms

Siddhartha Dash

Elections are the your life and blood of modern

democracies. The health and vitality of

parliamentary democracy is sustained by ensuring

totally free, fair and peaceful elections where the judgement

of the people finds total expression. The Indian

electoral system was free from any kind of major drawback till

the fourth general polls in 1967. The distortions

in its doing work appeared, initially, in the

5th general elections, 1971 and multiplied in the

successive polls, especially those saved in the

eighties and afterwards.

Money electricity has enjoyed decisive position in

elections in the past and continues to do it with

higher force today. Suggestion with regards to

putting control on funds power is that of state

financing. This practice of point out funding to get political

functions to pay their election expenses is usually

prevalent in certain countries just like Germany,

Portugal, Israel, Canada, Japan, UNITED STATES etc . In this

system, political parties polling a minimum

percentage of ballots are entitled to security by the


The Tarkunde Committee Statement of 75,

the Goswami Committee Record of 1990, the

Political election Commission s Recommendations in

1998 and Indrajit Gupta Committee Statement of

1998 produced extensive set of

advice regarding electoral reforms. A

few reconstructs have been integrated like the voting

age has been lowered via 21 years to 18 years;

increase in how much security deposit from

Rs. 500 to Rs. 12, 000 to get general constituencies

and Rs. 250 to Rs. a few, 000 intended for reserved

constituencies; introduction of electronic voting

machine; and making obligatory for applicants

for polls to the Lok Sabha and State

Assemblies to file their criminal background,

educational qualifications and monetary status in

the time of filing candidate selection papers. Although a lot has

to be completed.

Since winning election is becoming an end

itself, in addition to money power, muscle power

has also become an important factor. This really is done

in two ways: a) by protecting against the arreters of sluggish

sections of world on their way to polling stations

for casting all their ballots; and b) by forcibly

acquiring polling booths for observing and putting

ballot papers in the boule box with the candidate of

choice. The most important outcome in the use

of muscle power in polls has been that many

local muscles men, and criminals whose services

had been earlier sought for extortion or votegatherings are now immediately entering the fray and they are elected at the same time. In order to deter the

lawbreaker elements entering the electoral field, regulation

should produce it mandatory for a person convicted

with a court of law and sentenced to imprisonment

pertaining to six months or maybe more to be debarred from


Orissa Assessment * January - 2006

votes polled in this category is more than 50

percent of the total votes polled, all applicants

should be debarred from contesting elections for

at least six years by the Selection Commission and

the political election be declared void. The election ought to

then become re-conducted with fresh candidates.

contesting forms for a length of the sentence

imposed and an additional period of six years.

Any person who may be accused of any offence

punishable with imprisonment pertaining to five years or

more should be disqualified, even when her/his

trial can be pending so long as the skilled court

of law offers taken cognizance of the offence and

presented the charges against him.

Besides making elections clean, there is

utmost necessity of prescribing a maximum age group

limit and minimum academic qualifications intended for the

individuals. Those need to compete in the

elections should be designed to sit in a test of

knowledge of the Constitution, country s

overall economy, freedom struggle and location. The

Selection Commission of India should conduct this kind of

test. Specific minimum signifies in these subjects

should be fixed to qualify for becoming a politician.

Emotional tests should also be...

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