Discussion of the sunlight in the Albert Camus new "The Stranger".

 Discussion of direct sunlight in the Albert Camus new «The Stranger». Essay

Direct sunlight is a highly effective and all too-often overlooked image in many novels. It is

usually seen as a guiding light at nighttime or as hope much more despair. In the Albert

Camus story, The Stranger, the sun represents a brand new element. Camus, a very

non-traditional thinker, garbled the common meaning of the sunlight into a unpleasant image. The

sun is on continuous vigil of Meursault? h every actions. Ironically, the bright light of the sun

clouds his thoughts and wisdom. The sun is usually personified to represent society, which

throughout the history frustrates, angers and eventually takes control over Meursault? s existence.

With the starting of the book, Meursault is usually faced with the death of his mom. He

must attend the overnight vigil of her body the afternoon before her burial. The following day,

Meursault should be to walk her body to her gravesite, combined with the priest and others

supporting in the burial. Along his long walk to the chapel, Meursault will take notice to the

overbearing heat of the sunlight. The heat is so incredible that his head is diluted with nothing

but thoughts over just how unbearable sunlight is. He forgets everything regarding the reason why he's

walking in hot weather in the first place. When walking, the nurse says to Meursault,? If you

proceed slowly, you risk getting sunstroke. When you go too quickly, you work up a sweat and

then catch a chill inside the church? (p. 17). This individual reflects after this and says,? Your woman was correct.

There was absolutely no way out? (p. 17). The observation of his is not over the sun nevertheless over what

represents. Sunlight is world to Meursault, and if you stick with culture by going for walks slow,

you are going to get overcome by it. This contrasts with walking quickly, which gets you

out of your sun sooner, but you will be tired and may feel cold from the sudden lack of sunlight.

When you leave society, you should feel totally alone and isolated. In either case

you lose out, yet you can not avoid both these styles the outcomes. To stick with the physical...

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