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Longest gum flavour

Alyssa Yeager

Grade 6th

February two, 2012


I i am doing a job on evaluating two diverse gum tastes from the same manufacturer. I chose this topic because I needed to see which in turn gum flavour would last the longest. I wanted to exhibit people that love to chew bubble gum which chewing gum flavor to obtain because of its flavor value. Speculation: I think the fact that spearmint-flavored gum will last for a longer time because is actually flavor is definitely stronger.


I think that the spearmint bubble gum flavor lasts longer since its flavor is stronger. My hypothesis was right.


1 . 3 pieces of Wrigley's spearmint gum

2 . 3 pieces of Wrigley's peppermint gum

several. 1 Termes conseilles (stopwatch or perhaps clock)

four. A tester or yourself to chew the gum

your five. A record sign

6. A pen (or pencil)

several. Lemon juice or water to detox mouth (optional)


1 . Gather all materials

2 . Have the specialist start chewing the initially piece of Wrigley's spearmint bubble gum 3. Record the benefits of the item of gum in the record record 4. Replicate steps 2-3 two more times

5. Record the effects of the two pieces of gum in the record log six. Next I will have the tester chew I piece of Wrigley's peppermint gum (you might wish to chew these pieces the very next day or make use of water or lemon drink to purify mouth) six. Record the results of this piece of bubble gum in the record log almost eight. Repeat measures 6-7 two more instances

9. Record the results of those components of gum in the record journal


The first trail of spearmint gum experienced lasted sixty-eight minutes or perhaps 1 hour almost eight minutes. The 2nd trail of spearmint got lasted 57 minutes plus the last trail lasted 49 minutes. The first paths of peppermint lasted fifty five minutes. The other trail acquired lasted 47 minutes as well as the last trail lasted 56 minutes. |Trials |Spearmint...

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