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Computer now a days have got a wonderful effect in all aspects of your human being by a single thing or perhaps relating to humans living in society. This advance technology has been the range or perhaps scope of something to influence the society's modernization. We are as a result enhancing the development of our society through the use of pc. Researchers usually find answer to every issue they came across, to find solutions to ease the burden of the tiring task, to a programmer and also to have more appropriate technological and computerized community. Computers will be the main instruments used of programmer, inlayed with the different computer languages used to help to make something new to invent devices, until now laptop continue to progress in the world of coders. It also provides like a man friend that helps in saving data to process. Also, it is made by computer-based system to lessen the work from the employees in organization. Among the computer-based method is the digital enrollment program, in which it is essential in the development of the organization that provides the information required by the corporation for achieving results with no waste of time and effort and making a specified result. Computer system can be described as complete, workingВ computer. Computer systems will include the computer along with anyВ softwareВ andВ peripheral devicesВ that are necessary to make the computer function With the aid of computers, that facilitate development and provide an attempt means of holding data to make the accuracy and reliability of effects and that save period, because of the pervasiveness of computer system in our society, it is important in specific feeling of what computers will be limited to perform. Furthermore, the role of computers in modern society is to save in effort to do things. The Computerized Registration System supplies more suitable aim to protect and store information, to improve student organization services. We know that there are great differences between manual and computer- based program. Hence, this study is merely expelling the manual and gives tighter control to computer-based system intended for the enhancement of the presentation.


Personal computers are simply equipment that offer the opportunity to collect and store data, process organization transactions with great velocity and reliability and provide on time and relevant information for decision making. The teacher of Rebecca National High School incurs some challenges in offering the students within their enrollment. The researcher has devised a method for the enrollment from the students. The end result will act as the output that is the Computer-Based Enrollment System of Rebecca National High School. Successful Enrolment management is determined by information bottom that is extensive targeted and continuously current to comply with enrolment policies and to keep an eye on its effectiveness. Institutions implementing enrolment system needs to set up an initial details infrastructure. This kind of data is going to identify areas in need of additional analysis that may suggest plan revision. This method:

1 . Creates a comprehensive framework

2 . Encourages development of enrolment target functionality, monitoring system and tracking files several. Identifies parts of the students

four. Integrates institutional research into enrolment management policy development 5. Promotes continues improvement through the data analysis policy cycle

Affirmation of the Issue

The following are the issues that the research workers gathered: 1 . How to develop a system?

2 . How to supply a system which could duplicate errors?

3. The right way to provide a program that can get and retail store data? 5. How to give a system that will save period?

5. The right way to produce a system that easy to follow?

Objectives from the Study

The essence this research is to:

1 ) To produce a system

2 . To provide a system that may duplicate errors

3. To provide a system which could retrieve and store info

4. To...

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