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Accuracy from the Big Five

Anthony Baker

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Introduction to Mindset

PSY 105

Professor Nicole Jenkins

Nov 18, 2013

Accuracy of the Big Five

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Accessible to New Experience







Calm as well as Relaxed

Nervous / High-Strung

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What aspects of persona does this tell me about?

There is much research on how people describe other folks, and five major dimensions of man personality had been found. They are usually referred to as the OCEAN type of personality, as a result of acronym through the names in the five proportions. Openness to Experience/Intellect

Large scorers usually be first, creative, curious, complex; Low scorers often be typical, down to earth, filter interests, uncreative. В В В В В В В В

You typically don't seek out new experiences.

(Your percentile: 47)


Substantial scorers often be dependable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful; Low scorers often be disorganized, undependable, negligent. В В В В В В В В

You are very well-organized, and can be depended on.

(Your percentile: 83)


High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun loving, talkative; Low termes conseilles tend to be introverted, set aside, inhibited, quiet. В В В В В В В В

You tend to disassociate with social circumstances.

(Your percentile: 27)


High scorers tend to do well natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous; Low termes conseilles tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous. В В В В В В В В

You find it simple to criticize other folks.

(Your percentile: 14)


High termes conseilles tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, being concerned; Low scorers tend to be calm, calm, secure, robust. В В В В В В В В

You tend to turn into anxious or perhaps nervous.

(Your percentile: 60)

What do the scores show me?

In order to provide you with a significant comparison, the scores you received had been converted to " percentile results. " Therefore your personality score could be directly in comparison to another group of people who have as well taken this personality test. The percentile scores teach you where you score on the five personality sizes relative to the comparison sample of others who have taken this test across the internet. In other words, the percentile scores indicate the proportion of people who credit score less than you on each sizing. For example , your Extraversion percentile score is 28, which means that about 27 percent of the persons in our comparability sample are much less extraverted than you -- in other words, you are rather introverted. Keep in mind that these percentile ratings are relative to our particular sample of men and women. Thus, your percentile results may differ in the event that you where compared to one more sample (e. g., older British people).

The Big Five Personality Test outcome was basically appropriate when explaining my day to day personality. My answer is day to day persona because this is how I are likely to come across on a regular basis as I socialize face to face with other people. This test, along with other aspects discovered as we damage the service of mindset, does not take into consideration all influences that may get a new way We am recognized by others. A forty seven percent score around the Openness to Experience/Intellect test reveals I actually do not find new experience. Fluency, or perhaps lack of, brings about a severe stutter easily am suffering from nervousness or perhaps lack of confidence. As a result, fresh experiences are merely shared with others after hours of research and study and only if I am very assured in my results and put together visual supports to support my own ideas which will reduces required speech, hopefully. Conscientiousness rating was high and correct. I was introverted, being a twenty seven percentile reflects, because social situations are...

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