Chapters 5 & a few of Thesis

 Chapters four  your five of Thesis Essay

Chapter 4

Results and Discussion

Analysis Result

* The greatest objective (key component) of scientific analysis * Among the four main sections that constitute the primary body in the research * Presents every one of the data collected and gathered, together with the record treatments and analyses with out discussing the implications from the findings. 5. Consists of the observations and measurement documented while performing the process and procedures describe in the Strategy section 5. It must addresses the questions raised plus the hypotheses created in the beginning from the research


1 . CONCISE - summarized the leads to a detail and comprehensive way the experimental effects and record results from the study 2 . ACCURATE -Data should not be manipulated. -Researchers has to be cautious and careful in presenting the gathered benefits 3. SPECIALLY - Need to include not only affirmative data but as well the negative result, (e. g. trial and error errors which may have a tremendous bearing inside your conclusion depending on the effects gathered) four. SYSTEMATIC - Data display must be done within a logically; in a manner that it can be quickly understood.

- Use of legends explaining what are being summarized. В 5. RELEVANT- Results should certainly compliment and stay related to the hypotheses and problems your research is trying to address


2. Numerical Display

* Graphic Presentation

* Drafted Text

Two Basic techniques for Organizing Benefits

* Presenting all the benefits and then the discussion

* Delivering part of the effects and the related discussion thereof В

What you should include in the Result Presentation?

5. Result that answer the investigation questions

* Data that can be used to format the important styles * Unfavorable results

* Outcomes that are can be address in the discussion section * Benefits of record analyses


2. One of the major portion of a research daily news

2. Explaining the result to the visitor is the purpose of discussion section. * Always write the conversation for someone; the discussion can be not a online community for you to make an impression others along with your knowledge of the topic. You should be trying to convince the reader of the is worth of the study results.

What you should Avoid in the Discussion

1) More than interpretation from the Results

5.. Be careful that your interpretation of the effects does not go beyond what is maintained the data. Your data are the info: nothing even more, nothing less. 2) Unwarranted Speculation

* The discussion should stay focused on your data and the sufferers and/or gadgets in your examine. If you feel forced to speculate, be certain that you plainly identify your comments while speculation: " We estimate that... ” 3) Pumping up the Importance in the Findings

* All things considered of the diligence that goes to a study, it is possible to attribute unprovoked importance to study findings. We all want our study for making an important contribution that will be reported for years to arrive. However , unwarranted inflation from the importance of the research results is going to disgust critics and visitors. A measure of humility goes a long way. 4) Tangential Concerns

5. It is important to stay focused on the hypothesis and study outcomes. Injecting tangential issues in to the discussion section distracts and confuses someone. Tangential concerns run the risk of diluting and confounding the real message from the study. 5) The " Bully Pulpit”

2. Do not make use of the discussion section to criticize other research. Although you must contrast your findings to other released studies, this should be done expertly. Do not use the discussion to attack other investigators. In addition, never preach to the visitor. 6) Conclusions That Are Not Maintained the Data

2. The speculation 3 analyze 3 info 3 results should...

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