Business Technique of Areva

 Essay upon Business Strategy of Areva

Business Technique of AREVA

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The AREVA group is a global leader in alternatives for carbon-free power generation solutions. The group experienced consolidated revenue of being unfaithful. 104 billion dollars euros completely and consolidated net income of 883 , 000, 000 euros. The group utilizes 47, 851 people in the Nuclear and Renewable Energies businesses. AREVA's strategy is made on growing carbon-light energies by increasing its primary nuclear organization and its second pillar, renewable energies. The group's biggest advantage is that it is effective in a extensive spectrum of companies in carbon-light power generation. The group is one of very few suppliers capable of meeting client requirements at every stage with the value cycle, offering global solutions that protect the planet while making sure that you comply with rigid safety criteria. Its included model and policy of partnerships put AREVA within an ideal placement to assume market requirements. AREVA's activities are arranged into five Business Organizations. Mines groupings the uranium mines query and operation activities. The Front End changes and enriches the uranium and designs the fuel for the nuclear reactors. Reactors and Companies groups those activities of style and structure of nuclear reactors and propulsion and research reactors, and the actions of repair of the elemental power plants. The Back End recycles the used gas and provides transportation, clean-up and dismantling services. Renewable Energy develops wind strength, bio-energy, solar powered energy and hydrogen power solutions.

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AREVA includes a completely bundled value-chain in the business and is not just present but self-sufficient almost all aspects of its business. The company does mining, front end, back end, aeroplano building, repair and even recycling where possible. It is also going into the fast growing alternative energy market. It provides the AREVA group a fantastic advantage against its competition and this Mining Mining business group covers search, extraction and processing of uranium ore and the reclamation of sites after creation has finished. AREVA is a first uranium producer in the world in 2009. The group, which holds a diverse portfolio of mines functioning (Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger), as well as projects under advancement (Africa). Front The AREVA Front End business group combines activities linked to the conversion and enrichment of uranium device design and fuel development for indivisible reactors. The availability capacities of the group, one of the planet's leaders inside the sector, happen to be undergoing Submitted By: Group 3

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modernization. The world leader in the front end in the nuclear routine, the AREVA Front End Organization Group combines operations associated with uranium alteration and richness and the style and fabrication of nuclear fuel to get both types of light water reactors (LWR). Reactors and Services The Reactors and Services business group combines the nuclear reactor design and development activities as well as the products and services activities necessary for the upkeep, operation, modernization, and improvement of power plants. It also includes boat propulsion elemental reactor and research jet activities. AREVA is currently building four EPRв„ў reactors, of generation III+. The Reactors and Providers business group designs, and builds nuclear reactors pertaining to electricity crops and for deliver propulsion. It also offers products for the upkeep, operation, modernization, and improvement of electricity plants. AREVA is the world's leading constructor of indivisible reactors (measured by power-generating capacity installed) and is industry leader pertaining to heavy equipment replacement components found in nuclear power plants. Rear end The Back End business group (BG) offers end-of-cycle supervision...

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