Bethany Hamilton

 Essay about Bethany Stalinsky

Jasmine Rollerson

Eng. 1100

Dr . Melinda Kramer

February 4, 2014

Is this girl an effective way to obtain inspiration intended for amputees?

Title: Are these claims women an effective source of ideas or amputees?

I. Intro

A. Did you know the United States comes with an average of 3 million individuals that has misplaced all or part of an adjustable rate mortgage, hand, or perhaps leg simply by amputation? N. There are many who are stagnated in life because of their physical flaws. Some people gives up on life's adventures while others decide to produce a legacy of their problems, such as Bethany Hamilton. A once typical girl by Kauai, Hawaii, now a really inflectional presenter for amputees.

II. Point 1: Bethany made it through a shark attack

A. she dropped an adjustable rate mortgage

M. she survived and remained positive

III. Level 2: Bethany competed in several surf contests

A. She became a specialist surfer

B. The lady won first place Explorer Can certainly Division

4. Point 3: Bethany has been featured in movies and written many books A. In 2004 she published " Soul Surfer”

B. The girl was the inspiration behind Becky Baumgartner's 3 years ago documentary entitled " Cardiovascular of a Spirit Surfer”

V. Point 4: Bethany is involved in numerous charitable organizations

A. Your woman created her own charitable organisation foundation, " Friends of Bethany”

MIRE. Conclusion

A. Now that the world has found what a small faith and lots of determination will produce for someone living without an provide, we as being a people can easily accomplish anything at all. Bethany Edinburgh survived a shark attach and could compete in many surf tournaments, star in a major motion picture " Heart and soul Surfer”, drafted over four books, and launch a charity groundwork. B. The girl with a way to obtain inspiration to amputees and all of humanity. Bethany believes that truth, hope, and reinforce is all it is advisable to pursue what God offers planned for you personally and now I really do too.

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