"balance sheet" and Car Wash

 Essay regarding Balance Sheet and Car Wash

ACC1AMD Assignment- Component 2

The assignment will be completed in groups of 3 which is due by simply 11. 55pm on Sunday, 19th May 2013. Tasks are to be published online with the LMS. Every group ought to submit merely one combined response. Graded tasks will be came back via the LMS and the markings will be registered in your quality book. It will contribute to 10% of the total marks for this subject.

Sparkly Car Clean Pty Ltd was opened on 1 February simply by Jack Kia. During the first month of operations with the business, these kinds of events and transactions took place: Feb. you Shareholders spent $200 000 cash in the business enterprise in exchange pertaining to shares in the company. a couple of Purchased gear for $150 000 money.

a few Purchased cleaning supplies of $5 1000 for the month from your Cleaning Factory Ltd. upon a/c. four Advertising expenditures of $5 000 on account by Advertiser Limited, to advertise the opening from the business. five Paid cash $1 200 for a 1-year insurance policy. six Weekly funds takings to get car flushes of $6 000.

9 Invoiced Car hire Co. intended for $1 500, for car wash service for a fleet of cars. doze Paid lease of $4 000 to get the month.

14 Every week cash takings for car washes of $8 800.

18 Invoiced Rental Car Co. for $1 500, for car clean service for any fleet of cars. 21 Every week cash takings for car washes of $10 three hundred.

24 Paid out cash dividend of $1 000.

twenty-five Rental Car Company. paid the invoice from your 9th of Feb. 21 Paid the 4th February account from Advertiser Limited.

27 Paid salaries of $6 1000 for the month.

twenty eight Weekly funds takings to get car flushes of $13 500.

Gleaming Car Clean Pty Ltd uses these accounts: (100) Cash, (110) Accounts Receivable, (120) Prepaid Insurance, (130) Equipment, (200) Accounts Payable, (300) Share Capital, (310) Dividends, (400) Revenue, (500) Cleaning Materials Expense, (510) Advertising Expense, (520) Hire Expense, (530) Salaries Charge, (540) Insurance Expense.


a) Journalise the transactions, which include narrations. (Also, journalise the adjustment to transfer an amount from Pre-paid Insurance a/c to the Insurance Expense a/c for the month of Feb. ) b) Content the Journals to the Ledger a/c's.

c) Prepare a Trial Balance because at the 30th February 2013.

d) Make an Income Statement for the month of February 2013.

e) Prepare a classified Affirmation of Financial Position as in 28th March 2013.

Make use of the templates offered below to your answer. Your assignment needs to be in a record format layout, to include a: o Title page

um Executive summary

o Desk of material

o Advantages

o Your body

o A conclusion

o List of references

to Appendices

a) Journal items: -

|Date |Account Titles and Explanation |Ref |Debit |Credit | | | | |$ |$ | |Feb | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...

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