Discussion in Favor of Oedipus Rex

 Argument in support of Oedipus Rex Essay

" Argument in Favor”

Haseena Khan

BS 3rd year

Departmen of English

Published to: Ma'am Fehmina Naz

Submitted in: 19th Sept. 2010 2011

Debate in Favor of Oedipus' Fate

Play: Oedipus Rex

Writter: Sophocles

No one can refuse freewill of any person entirely, so as fate. But as I actually m in favor of Oedipus, the protagonist of ancient Greek perform " Oedipus Rex” by simply Sophocles. I believe here in this, fate is somewhat more responsible for Oedipus' end.

Various questions were raised against Oedipus in class argument regarding his figure flaws, working from the destiny, killing his father, getting married to his mother, and disparaging prophet etc . Here I would try to solution as much I will.

Firstly it is important to mention that, it is the enjoy which acquired great importance for Aristotle. Because the rules made by him, had wonderful influence through the famous Greek play " Oedipus Rex”. If we see it in the point of view of " Poetics”, after that no one can fault Oedipus for his flaws and guilty acts which led him to tragic end. Mainly because, firstly this can be a tragedy certainly not comedy, so it should have a tragic result in any case. Secondly according to Aristotelian rules, the hero needs to have some significant faults in him (hamartia) which led him to tragic end.

I don't think it's Oedipus' fault in any way. If anyone is always to blame, it can his parents. His father and mother were looking to run away from fate and wound their child with cruelness by striking nail in the ankle and letting their child to pass away on mountains. They were just trying to guard themselves, however it was his fate that he was continued to be alive. Jocasta herself admitting that;


But this kind of child has not been three times in this world ahead of the King acquired pierced the baby's ankles and kept him to die within a lonely hill side.

Here the point is that in the event that they were cruel enough to hit nail within their own toddler child's ankle and not murdering him simultaneously but leaving him to die about mountains, then simply why failed to they kill him themselves? By this the opportunity of being in would not become there neither would the prophecy be fulfilled.

Furthermore it was likewise being asked that why he pay attention to a drunker and had taken him critically? So for this, my solution is, if perhaps someone told you that you had not any parents, then wouldn't you wish to know what he meant? Oedipus went to his foster parents and asked about it, however they refused and told him that he was their own child. Here once again question grew up why this individual didn't question and adjust again therefore , it was which he admiration his father and mother a lot and didn't want to hurt them or perhaps may be due to generation space. As nowadays children are quite close to their parents but also in earlier times it absolutely was not the case. Moreover as Polybus was a california king, so generation gap was obviously a normal factor, because generally, due to their status kings were not close to their children even, while normal dads are. There after he traveled to oracle to know the truth. Nevertheless here having been not solved what he previously asked, as a result of which having been not able to clear his mind but was even more confused. Somebody asked during class debate that so why he did not asked again from the oracle to be removed, then an additional student solved that it is banned in every religion not to cross question through the God. Yet here my personal point is the fact, in Traditional, oracles hardly ever told crystal clear prophecies, they always gave hints, after which it was for the person's intellect, who asked it, to interpret the right meaning. Thus if Oedipus asked a similar question once again, he was definitely going to have similar answer, means it was intended for no goal.


The god terminated my issue without respond; he spoke of other activities. Some were clear, filled with wretchedness, terrible, unbearable: While, that I ought to lie with my own mother, breed children from to whom all males would convert their eye; and that I should be my personal father's murderer….

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