Analysis with the poem "Still I Rise"

 Analysis in the poem «Still I Rise» Essay

Kathleen Frederick


Ms. Kumpf

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

An Examination of the composition " Continue to I Rise" by Internet Angelou

Photography equipment Americans have been oppressed for centuries. Despite this elegance, people of the race have fought hard for their freedom and admiration. This quest for equality is usually evident inMaya Angelou's poem, " Even now I Rise”. Angelou combines numerous fictional ideas including various appears, poetry forms, and essential concepts. The poetic equipment incorporated in Maya Angelou's work, " Still I actually Rise”, raises the overall performance of the poem.

Maya Angelou uses several audio techniques during her poem. The first one that may be especially obvious is rhyming. The rhyming scheme to get the first seven stanzas are A, B, C, and B. For the last stanza it's A, W, A, M, B, B, C, M, C, W, D, G, B, W, B. Immediate quotes where she designed this device are, in the second line of the fifth stanza, " Don't you take it awful hard”, and the 4th line, " Diggin' in my own backyard. ”Angelou published the composition in this manner because it helps to boost the lyrical element created by rhyming. This ultimately enables the reader to better interpret the thoughts and feelings with the poet. Duplication is another literary device noticeable throughout the composition. The most visible phrase that may be repeated several times is definitely, " We rise” (41). This is very significant towards the poem mainly because it reflects the primary idea, that Angelou will probably be superior to virtually any prior racial generalizations. Proclaiming it often addresses their importance and communicates to the reader what Angelou aspires to be. About two situations, Angelou uses alliterations. The examples include, " I boogie like I've got diamonds" (27) and " …huts of history's shame" (29). The use of this gadget contributes toward the overall fluidity of the poem. Lastly, the usage of assonances, just like, " Welling and swelling" adds to the audio element of the poem throughout the corresponding vowels in the first and previous words. The application of rhyming, duplication, alliterations, and assonances, permits Angelou to express her emotions in a lyrical manner.

Lyrical poems express the thoughts and feelings from the poet in a manner which usually creates musical fluidity. Additionally they frequently possess components includingrhyming, rhythm and images. Angelou incorporates rhyming in her poem on numerous occasions. By simply rhyming the final words of two lines such as " surprise” and " legs, and " eyes” and " rise”, the poet is able to share her thoughts and opinions on racial discrimination with words that creates a musical rhythm. The rhythm is by the one of a kind metre employed. For most with the stanzas, the first three lines anxiety negative syllables and then the very last line is definitely iambic, and stresses great syllables.

You may take me with the words,

You might cut myself with your eye,

You may get rid of me with the hatefulness,

But nonetheless, like surroundings, I'll surge. (20-24)

From this example, phrases such as blast, cut, eliminate and hate are emphasized. However in the last line, what still, air flow and climb are anxious. This is a key component of the lyrical poem as the choice of beat and metre allows the reader to comprehend Angelou's feelings on the deeper level. Finally, through descriptive and creative diction, Angelou produces exquisite imagery. Her choice of diction permits the reader to formulate vivid mental images. " I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide, as well as Welling and swelling We bear in the tide. ”(33-34), is an example of a metaphor which records the profoundness of her statement throughout the image of the black water. Angelou's " Still My spouse and i rise”, is a result of a musical poem since it encapsulates all the components: rhyming, rhythm and imagery, within a manner which in turn communicates her optimism regarding discrimination, which has a high degree of effectiveness.

Key ideas which are present within this composition included the usage of smiles, images, symbolism, denotation, connotation and couplets. Angelou uses similes to evaluate society's notion of...

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