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Warlord by simply definition can be " a military commander exercising civil power in a region, if in nominal allegiance towards the national authorities or in defiance from it. (American History Dictionary). ” In the maneuver Lord of War Nicolas Cage acts this goal in a different way. The key plot intended for the film is Nicolas Cage receiving rich off of wars by selling arms to countries in opposition. The beginning of the film shows the societal trouble of race in the United States since it shows just how his family had to pretend to be Jewish to fit in the small area in New york city and make it through without condemnation. I think this is when his existence takes a downward spiral. Childhood is what molds both you and if you notice that your parents happen to be lying plus they teach you to lie and never have worth for who also you happen to be and where you came from then simply that ‘s the values that you will take into adulthood. Don't get myself wrong I know that they had been doing this to protect the family but the daddy actually required on the part of a Legislation man in his everyday actions. His close friend never experienced " great enough” in comparison to his your government and the parents put more responsibility around the older brother than they did younger which can describe his alcohol and drug abuse it requires him away from the devalued self image that he provides.

This film revealed the harsh realities of war in America and around the world, the politics of war. This showed the selfish and greedy mentality of the nation's leaders since every person that Nicolas Parrot cage came across a new personal agenda. He displays this in his quote regarding selling arms to The african continent when the Western wasn't focusing because of their very own agenda, " The primary market was The african continent, Eleven significant conflicts including twenty three countries in less than ten years. A gunrunner's wet fantasy. At the time the West could not care less, that they had a white colored war in what was kept of Yugoslavia. ” (IMDB) The character played out by Ian Holm that Nicholas Parrot cage was brought to was the...

 Essay about Health Campaign Teaching Prepare

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